Unit Cost suddenly MISSING!

I was about to launch next week using the hosted plan but ran into a critical issue that was not there yesterday. This morning I received notice that a new version was available and ran it (v5.3.58-C76). The unit price is now missing when trying to enter a new invoice. This was there yesterday and is needed to calculate the line total. Without it, the line total is set to 0. Something must have broken with the update.

I checked my hosted version and it works like it should, but the version has not updated yet.

The only quick fix is to allow Unit Cost to be shown in the PDF invoice, then it brings the Unit cost column back for editing. There now seems to be no way to hide unit cost on the invoice itself while still keeping it available for modification/entry.


Is the field included on Settings > Invoice Design > Product Columns?

real time chatting! lol. please see above

it was working just fine before. Unit price was visible when entering the invoice details but hidden on the final pdf (unit price was never not on the list of product columns)

In the latest release the app now shows the editor columns in the same order as the columns sorted in the invoice design settings. In the next release we’ll make sure the unit cost field is always shown.

okay, I will alter the setup for the time being. Thanks

Actually, bringing Unit Cost back and hiding Line Total works just fine and accomplishes the same thing. Can probably leave it as is!