Undefined variable $support_message /resources/views/email/

During the install wizard when configuring e-mail I got this error:
Undefined variable $support_message (View: /resources/views/email/

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The only email option that works is “log” which I have no idea what it does…

The other three options does not works and generates the error posted above…
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Thanks for reporting this!

cc @ben @david

The ‘log’ option will write the emails to the local log file but not send them, it’s useful for developers but isn’t useful in production.

I am tagging a new release with a fix for this.

Thanks for the replies guys. :+1:

So what can I do so I can use SMTP?
I went ahead and installed with the log option because that was the only thing I could do to proceed.

Thanks in advance.

Guys @david @hillel
Could you please tell me how to fix this so I can use SMTP?
There is by no way to change (or send a test email) from the “email settings” inside Invoice Ninja.

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Are you seeing the same error message in the latest release?

You can change the settings by editing the .env file and then running php artisan optimize

Hi @hillel

Thanks for your reply.

No, my point is that I went ahead and installed it with the “log” option because I thought I could change it from within Invoice Ninja to SMTP later and just get be done with the installation itself…

However there is no email option for doing that. (changing from “log” to other email options).

Thanks a bunch…

And what should you add/remove form the .env manually?

Thank you.

You would need to configure the SMTP email settings

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Thanks a lot Hillel.
I would be nice if you guys could add a interface though for sending test emails and configure email option inside the Invoice Ninja GUI. That would be great in my opinion.

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Agreed, feel free to create an issue to request it:

Done. It has been added here.

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