Unbilled amount (from task time calc) in Client header dashboard?

Is there a way to show on the individual client dashboard (beneath the ‘Standing’ header seems to make sense) the total amount of unbilled activity (which would just be the calculation of task hours times rate)? It would be really useful to know at a glance that there is uninvoiced activity and how much of it there is.

Feel free to create an issue on our GitHub repo


As a follow on to this (self hosted here and trying to see if I can implement this on my own), I looked in the db and notice in the tasks table that multiple times are stored in a format of unix timestamp start and end times like so:


And that on the main task page you add these up to equal to total task time. Can you point me to the file/function in the code that tallies these? I feel like it would be a great place to start for creating this on my own.