Unapplied payment


The client has the card saved in the system. I open this portal and pay the invoice, which shows in stripe.com and in the Payments.

But it shows as UNAPPLIED and I am unable to apply it.

When I choose to apply payment, the correct invoice number automatically shows, but I click in apply and nothing happens. I mean, it receives the click, loads the page but there is no change.

I really need it sorted out ASAP. What can I do?



Thanks for reporting this!

@david any ideas to debug this?

I would check the system logs tab in the dashboard to see what the message was from the gateway.

There is no error in the logs ( at least nothing I could see).

This is the situation.

I am having a similair issue, but when using credits. I go ahead and apply a credit to an invoice, but then the payment say unapplied, but the invoice shows paid.

How do I fix this?


Can you give steps to reproduce this, i’ve attempted this locally and cannot recreate.

I had the same problem in the past. Major pain because when you try to apply the payment manually it did create another payment and made the accounting a mess.

I managed to get around by disabling the auto archive when paying the invoice. Since then I go to the invoice and archive it manually once it is paid.

I hope it helps.