Unable to update v4.5.19 to latest v4.5.49


Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am unable to update to the latest Invoice Ninja version to that I can migrate to v5. I tried running https://mydomain.com/public/update and it keeps on taking me back to 4.5.19. I tried uploading all the new files via FTP and run the update, and it reverts back to 4.5.19. I tried via shell access to download the tar file from github and again without luck. I created a fresh install and it still reverts back to 4.5.19. Not sure if it’s important, but the Invoice Ninja was first installed via Softaculous, but I no longer have access to that to update through there. I also tried several update scripts from the documentation and github with again no luck.

I would hate to start from scratch on v5. Again, any advise or help would be greatly appreciated.



Are you using the zip from https://download.invoiceninja.com

I suggest setting up a brand new v4 app and copying over the database using mysqldump


Thanks for the advise. I created a new instance and instead I used the import/export option using JSON and all the data was migrated. I was then able to hit the migrate button to move from 4.5.48 to v5

Thanks again,


I tried reanimate old Ninja4 by update to v4.5.49
Softacolous informed about successful update,
web still show HTTP ERROR 500
error_log show old row 5.11. when collapse was happened
[05-Nov-2020 11:51:38 Europe/Helsinki] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘?’ in /home/etehdas/public_html/laskut/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Foundation/helpers.php on line 233

this helpers doc look ok

What I can do?
R. Mark

I think you may be using the wrong version of PHP.

If you need more help please create a new post.

actually it is
PHP 8.1 (ea-php81)

v4.5 requires PHP 7.4

Again, please create a new post for more help.