Unable to Update to latest Version

I have installed Invoice Ninja on a shared server, now i am getting a couple of issues,
Issue 1 When I try to update to version 5.3.60 i get,
server error

and if i try to view a PDF invoice i get the error,
Error 500
Server Error

if I try to send the invoice I get the same error,
Any help would be great.



Are there any details about the error in storage/logs?

Hi Thanks for the reply,
I don’t have a Storage > Logs?
There is a System logs but this is empty

Systems logs is in the app, I’m referring to the file system. There should be a folder called system.

Hi Sorry yes Log file below


Please post any relevant errors

[2022-02-20 12:38:14] production.ERROR: Class ‘finfo’ not found {“exception”:"[object] (Error(code: 0): Class ‘finfo’ not found at /home/redstonewebdesig/public_html/portal/app/Utils/PhantomJS/Phantom.php:137)

This error comes up quite a lot
but i dont know if it is linked to any of the errors i am getting

Maybe this will help: https://stackoverflow.com/a/66103350/497368

If you are running on shared host, check your http or https error logs. You may be running into server security filters.

So I have enabled this extension and the Update looks like it is doing something then returns with the error
FormatException: SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

The invoice is now displaying, so this error is now fixed,
Now just the issue of Updating, I will check the http or https error logs and report back.