Unable to save settings

Some time ago I noticed that the invoice numbering was missing some numbers in between. Meanwhile I created some quotes too and after some investigation I found out I had the option “share invoice number and quote number “ enabled resulting in this issue. Now when I try to disable that option, an error 500 is thrown mentioned to check if V5 had been installed. Someone else having this issue? I really would like to change this setting and am afraid that other settings cannot be saved either. I tried to to a migration (artisan migrate) since in the past some migrations were not performed. Unfortunately this did not solve the issue. Any advise?


It may help to try with the React app or the desktop app?

It seems to have something to do with the reverse proxy I’m running in front of it (nginx). Disabling https to test the functionality I would like to disable works without any issues. Do you have some baseline config I need to adhere to?

Here’s a sample Nginx config:

The info here may be helpful: