Unable to e-mail invoices as of Oct 1st 2021

No changes were made or any updates recently installed on the server.
But all of a sudden today my self-hosted v4.5.17 is not able to email invoices today.
Here is the error message:

stream_socket_enable_crypto(): SSL operation failed with code 1. OpenSSL Error messages: error:14090086:SSL routines:ssl3_get_server_certificate:certificate verify failed

I did see some headlines in the news recently that some things will soon stop working due to expiring certificates, is this one of those cases?

If I update my v4.5.17 to the latest v4.5.44 will it fix this issue? Thanks.

Could indeed be a result of the expired Let’s Encrypt root cert. If that’s the case, updating InvoiceNinja doesn’t really help (although keeping it updated is probably a good idea anyway). You’d need to update the underlying system (and with that the root cert store). If you are running self-hosted on Ubuntu, you could run “apt-get update”.

Similar issue - have not made any changes. V4.5.45 self hosted. Unable to email invoices.
Connection could not be established with host x.com :stream_socket_client(): Peer certificate CN=y.com' did not match expected CN=x.com
x is our domain and y is our hosting company server.

Have tried different Host on email settings but keep getting error. Hosting company unable to resolve.

Any suggestions?

Hosting company have fixed it - SSL issue.

I’m running it on CentOS Linux 7.9.2009
Any idea how to fix it there?

This is all a bit off-topic, because it’s not really InvoiceNinja-related, but rather a basic system administration issue. If you are self-hosting knowledge on how to administer and update your underlying operating system is kinda crucial to your whole systems security and vital business and customer data. There are already to many vulnerable systems out there in the field. That said, “yum update” comes to my mind. But I’d suggest you google for “update centos”.

I think my system must be glitched because yum update hasn’t produced any updates for my system in more than a year. I thought there just weren’t any updates, but now I’m starting to suspect that there is something wrong with it. Thanks.

You might also want to re-read the Installation Options on https://www.invoiceninja.org/. That has a section on CentOS as well as Ubuntu.

So I have fixed the “yum update” issue on my server and installed all available updates.
That fixed the original invoice e-mailing issue, but unfortunately it broke the local phantomjs functionality so I now have to rely on phantomjs cloud service to generate pdf invoices.

Have you also updated InvoiceNinja?

No I have not. I’m afraid that updating will break something else lol.
It does everything I need it to do right now so I’m leaving it as is for now.