Unable to change next recurring existiong invoice

I need anticipate the date when the existing recurring invoice is sent but cannot find how.
Self-Hosted version 4.5.6

I can just see information on when the next invoice will be created without possibility to edit it. If i edit the invoice date from 08 December 2018 to 01 December 2018 i continue too see: last invoice 08 Dec 2018 next will be 08 January 2018

You can change the start date to set when the next invoice will be sent.

Thank you for the reply. I changed the last invoice date from day 8 to 1 saved but I still see next invoice will be created at 8 or 9 January. It’s only a visual bug?

You need to change the ‘start date’

The start date of the recurring invoice is 01 may 2018 so invoice should be created at first of every month but is created on 8 of every month…

I suggest setting the start date to the next date the invoice should be sent.

Thank you, seems with your suggestion the issue is resolved… Also if my intention was not changing the initial date :slight_smile: thank you for the help. I suggest in future to make available a setting for keep start date and correct schedule date.

Hi Hillel,
I have the self-hosted version.

I am stuck with this issue, the schedule got messed up because my cronjob was set only to run days 1-5, I have sorted this now it runs every day but I changed the start date in the invoices for the next month and the next morning all of them were created (for example on the 10th of March I made the changes to invoices to start on 4th of April, on the 11th of March (at the next cronjob) all the invoices were generated).

I had to create credit notes for all the customers and tried setting the start date again for 4th of April and again after the next cronjob all of them were generated.

Why are they being generated before their first due date?


I’m not sure, the app shouldn’t send invoices before the start date.

Can you reproduce the problem with a test invoice?

Hillel, thanks for your swift response.
I couldn’t reproduce with a new test invoice so I made 1 execute now and changed the start date for 4/apr will see tomorrow morning if it generated it again, if it does not I am lost as to why it happened to all my existing recurring invoices and don’t know how to reset the start date as I cannot risk it sending another wrong invoice to my customers.