UK Users

I really like invoice ninja’s functionality, but as a UK user it makes it difficult to use it for bookkeeping fully due to the lack of banking integrations. I wanted to know how other users from the UK use invoice ninja and/or integrate with other book keeping softwares?

I really want to move forward with it but can’t quite figure out this missing piece of the puzzle.

Thanks in advance,



Hi vrsdanny - I asked about adding UK banks a while back, and the developers had no plans to add support for them. The only option at present is to perform an OFX import - unfortunately however, this is a static list of transactions.

Hopefully we’ll see UK bank support (Santander and Natwest would be ideal)

And other European banks such as Barclays and La Caixa.

AFAIK, any invoicing system should not be used for bookkeeping, am I right?

Wouldn’t it be much better if you used a dedicated bookkeeping system (which in turn would be always up-to-date in regards to local laws and such) that could import your invoices, or at least let you manually type your invoice totals?

Freeagent which I’m currently using has no issues being an all in one solution and I’m not sure why it’s beneficial to run two separate pieces of software for invoicing and bookkeeping? Explanation welcome on this point.

That said, there doesn’t seem to be any clear cut bookkeeping integrations with invoice ninja which would be nice if this is the recommended option, again input welcome incase I’m missing something.



Hey Danny,

While an all-in-one solution is good, or great, or ideal, I just think that sometimes it may be best to use separate solutions because then these solutions would focus on being excellent on the one thing they do, instead of being average on a bunch of things.

For instance, the tax code in Brazil is rather complex instead of simple and straightforward as in other countries. Invoice Ninja does tax calculations but they don’t fit our structure, so I would need to use a more specialized solution if I wanted to have a more detailed profit and loss report. And I do sell services, our tax code is even more complex if I sold physical goods.

Having said that, such integration between two apps could be achieved with a service like Zapier. I have an account there, I just checked for you and it supports both Invoice Ninja and Freeagent but won’t create Freeagent invoices from Invoice Ninja invoices. Oddly enough, though, it can create Invoice Ninja invoices from Freeagent invoices.

Check out Zapier, they seem to have the largets integration library out there.

This argument doesn’t really add up - as Invoice Ninja clearly supports US banks already. Support for European/UK banks would certainly be a major benefit for users on this side of the pond.