TypeError: (intermediate value).VITE_API_URL is undefined

Since an update with docker compose pull and the call of /update?secret= I get the error message that VITE_API_URL is missing.

# in browser console = no UI
TypeError: (intermediate value).VITE_API_URL is undefined

Is this possibly due to the Javascvript?
How can I set up the assets fresh within the docker compose container?

Why is the VITE_API_URL variable missing?

This is not necessary if the assets are prebuilt, is it? Why is it requested?

My docker-compose.yml points to:

    image: invoiceninja/invoiceninja:latest


@david can you please advise?

maybe this helps, it comes from bundle.js:

-rw-r--r-- 1 1500 1500 6.1M Jul  8 00:00 bundle.js

bundle.js seems to be a version from tonight.

These assets are fetched by the self-update job, right?

Maybe the build process has built under staging or local environment?

I wanted to know how the versions of bundle.js differ and maybe you can recognize something.


compared to


I think the new .includes() will break the whole thing.

FYI… this appears to be the same issue

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Not sure why this has popped up as the react release build pipe has not changed. I’ve added a fix in for this and tagged a new release, please let us know if v5.10.6 is broken.