Turning off Recurring Invoice

In V4 to turn off recurring invoice you simply would input end date and it would show completed on that date. What is the correct process in V5? I noticed there is no longer an end date but rather remaining cycles. If I change the remaining cycles to 0, will this stop it from recurring even if there is already a future date scheduled? I understand I can Edit and click Stop and it now shows Paused. Will it ever show its completed or is it always going to remain on paused?

In an example, I run a rental business, hence the recurring invoices. A customer returned their unit today but the recurring invoice was set to create again on April 7th. I have changed the remaining cycles to 0 and Stopped the recurring invoice and now the status reflects Paused but the next send date still shows April 7th. Will the status convert to completed on April 7th?

On another note, will it ever be an option in Zapier to turn off recurring invoice?


@david can you please advise?

We don’t have immediate plans to support it in Zapier


You can archive a recurring invoice, this will deactivate the recurring invoice and it will never send again until it is restored.