Trying to add both Tasks and Expenses to single invoice

Hi all, New to InvoiceNinja, and Love the product.
I have searched and read all similar discussions, but still can’t find a way to add both newly created Expenses AND newly entered Tasks to the same new Invoice. As suggested in other discussions, I have selected and mapped the same client for both tasks and expenses. any ideas appreciated. thanks

If the task or expense has a client set you should see any open invoices listed when clicking ‘More Actions’.

For me, there do seem to be unintended conditions in which this option doesn’t work. For instance, I’ve found that after creating an empty invoice (one with the correct client but no items) I couldn’t see an invoice listed under ‘More Actions’ while editing either a Task or an Expense.

So I assigned a number to the invoice that I will never use and then deleted it. This made it so that I would be able to reuse the invoice number. Next I chose ‘Invoice Task’ from the Task editor to create a new invoice for the task. After saving this new invoice with the invoice number I wanted, the invoice was available to select from either editor.

I’m not sure, but it seems like a billable item (either a task, product, or expense) had to be added for the invoice to be recognized.

Right, the app only shows invoices with a balance when clicking ‘More actions’.

I think this part of the app is much better in v5, you can add products/tasks/expenses to the invoice directly from the edit invoice page.