Trouble adding bank account

I am running self-hosted version 4.5.17. I am trying to add a bank account at Settings > Advanced Settings > Credit Cards and Banks. Every time I try to connect the bank account I get this error message:

“Failed to retrieve account details, please check your credentials.”

I selected my bank (Suntrust) from the dropdown list and typed in the same credentials that I use to log into my online banking at Suntrust. I have checked and re-checked my credentials a number of times but can never get InvoiceNinja to accept my credentials.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

You may want to ask your bank about connecting using Quicken.

Also, there may be notes about your bank on the OFX website.

Thanks for the reply.

I don’t want to use the Quicken method. I do not use Quickbooks or Quicken and Suntrust charges $25/month for that service.

I just want to connect InvoiceNinja to my Suntrust account in a way that my expenses are retrieved from Suntrust on a regular basis in the same way that I can connect a credit card or bank account to my Hurdlr account and have my activity show up on a regular basis. I then accept the transaction as business related or reject it.

Does InvoiceNinja’s bank connection only work using the Quicken method?

I believe OFX uses the same connection as Quicken, if your bank charges extra for it it may explain why it isn’t working.

Okay, thanks for the input.

I’m getting the same error with wells fargo, which definitely supports quicken. Seems to have broken after 4.5.17 for some people

@jds2726 was it working for you with a prior release, if so which version?

I’m getting the same error message on both my Chase Credit Card and my bank login. I contacted support and they told me the issue was on their end. After reading others having the same error, it might be The software.

I spoke with my bank and my credit card they said they didn’t understand the set up.

I’ve been using Wave Accounting for years, I was able to import from both accounts without a problem. I want to move over to Invoice Ninja, but there’s no point if I can’t have auto importing.

No, It wasn’t working for me with a prior release. I hadn’t tried it before then either though.

OfxGet works successfully with my wells fargo credentials, but not in invoice ninja. Also works with quickbooks online. Tried with my personal bank account at M&T and it didn’t work either. It does work with OfxGet successfully though as well.

Okay, so I found some very useful details on at this tread:

  1. The first thing is TlS 1.2 is apparently now required by wells fargo for Oxget. Not sure if this has to be implemented into software or if it’s something I’ll have to do since i’m self hosted

  2. Two factor auth is now required. You have to enter your credentials and confirm via phone or text at this link ( and then you have 10 minutes to enter your data.

  3. They also change a $3/mo fee for OFX. Time for a new bank

I also am now getting an HTTP response code of 400 for URL: though OfxGet