Translation issues? VAT invoice vs Invoice

Hi All,
I’m using Lithuanian translation.

After the recent forced upgrade to v5.5.15-C91 the generated invoice is “VAT Invoice”. As I’m not the VAT payer, I need a simple invoice. I’ve tried to use the empty “VAT Number” field (I was using it for my business registration number) with no luck. Setting the appropriate field to the “Invoice” value under “Custom labels” solved the problem.

What I think, the “VAT invoice” should be generated only if the “VAT Number” field is not empty. If no VAT information is provided, the “Invoice” should be generated.

This also could be the translation issue, when “VAT Invoice” and the “Invoice” are translated the same way as “PVM sąskaita-faktūra”.

Update: I’ve checked the translation and there is no “VAT Invoice” entry. So the accounting logic should be implemented in the software.


What do you mean by “forced upgrade”? We don’t require selfhosters to ever upgrade.

Do you maybe have a custom label on Settings > Localization or are you using a custom invoice design?

@david any thoughts on where “VAT Invoice” is coming from?

Under “forced upgrade” I mean migration to PHP8 on the system level :slight_smile:

There is no “VAT invoice” in the ‘texts.php’ file, but the Lithuanian translation of the ‘invoice’ entry is “PVM sąskaita-faktūra”, which means “VAT invoice”. We still have a strict separation of regular invoice and the VAT invoice, as VAT invoice has more strict regulations on the terms, fields of the invoice, VAT accounting, etc.
Eg. I’m not allowed to submit VAT invoice without my VAT number, and in the case I will submit it, I will have to pay the VAT amount, presumably included into the invoice (VAT is usually extra money, separated in the VAT Invoice).

One option may be to set a custom label to override it

I’ve edited the translation file, this was the main issue. But I think it would be nice to distinguish between the Invoice and the VAT invoice.

@david any thoughts on the translation?

Note: it may be better to use a custom labels. If you modify the translation file you’ll need to reapply the change when you update the app.

I don’t see anywhere in the app where we have a translation as VAT invoice, can we get a screen shot of where this is being shown?

Perhaps this is in a translation file other than en?