Translating custom fields


I’ve noticed that labels in custom fields are not translated. Is there a way to auto translate those as well? For example we have a custom client field “VAT ID|$client.vatNumber” which is ok for invoices in english but if we want to generate a pdf invoice in say slovene we would like to have “ID za DDV” instead of “VAT ID” - which is the actual google translation (and it’s correct :slight_smile: ).

Sorry, it isn’t supported.

Any work arrounds how to use translated custom fields (e.g. Invoice Field), please? I can add two different custom fields (each using the different language), but under the Company Field I am out of empty fields that can be filled, because both are currently used. This approach is not going to work anyway, because the Company Field value is being used all the time without my selection during the invoice creation. It defeats any attempts to create an invoice in more than one language.

Thank you.

Maybe you could use two different custom invoice templates which have the changes coded in to them.

Do you mean that I should edit the source code for one of three invoice templates in the advanced settings?

In other words that I should remove e.g. “invoiceDetails” which loads the content and to code my own invoice (content + styles)? I am affraid that this kind of defeats the purpose of using the invoicing software.


What about custom field entries with multiple language identificators? E.g. ENG_en: bla bla in english, XX_xx: bla bla in some other language.

Not sure I understand how creating a custom design defeats the purpose of using the app?

Custom fields may work…

Perhaps we do not understand each other.

I am already using the custom design and custom fields. Is there any way how to translate custom fields in the translation file or use them like I have described in my last post? That might do the job.

From what I understand by using the custom design in this particular case you mean to take what I add into the custom fields and hardcode it into the template using the admin interface with its code editor (, correct?

The goal: I need to add custom fields in at least 2 languages so that I can export (PDF) and send invoices in those languages.