Translate invoices into catalan


I am testing Invoice Ninja for first time. I am working in a self-hosted installation. I want to use it as an invoice app but I found that it’s not possible to make the invoices in catalan.

Searching in Transifex, I realise that there is anything translated into this language. I have created an account there to participate in the traslation.

Witch is the fast way to create an invoice in catalan? I need to create the translation there? I just want to translate the invoice. Is there an easy way?

Thanks a lot. It’s an incredible app!

There are two steps to add a language:

  • Add a record to the languages table. After changing the data you need to clear the app cache by adding ?clear_cache=true to the end of the URL.

  • Add the resources files in resources/lang/. You may be able to find translations of the validation files here:

Thanks a lot Hillel, it seems easy.

I will test soon.