Transfer method payment not received?

Client says they paid via Transfer Method but we do not show this as paid.

  1. How can we debug such situation?
  2. Where are the logs located?


I’m not sure what you mean by “Transfer Method”?

Which payment gateway are you using?

Hi, @hillel
It was paid from bank account, not sure what is a gateway in this case.

Client say he paid, but no payment in the system logs activity

@david do you have any suggestions?


Did the client pay for the invoice through the invoice ninja application?

Only payments made through the application will be have their status updated.

@hillel , @david

This is a big issue and I ask you to pay more attention to this.
We are connected to stripe via invoiceninja and I don’t know why this payment succeed on stripe but not in the invoiceninja???

this option was used

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Have you configured webhook notifications? Delayed payments require webhooks to be configured so that Stripe can notify Invoice ninja of the change of payment status.

You can find the webhook details on the Stripe Overview page in Invoice Ninja.

yes I have configured webhooks and one of them for payment creation.
It does not answer on question why invoice ninja not showing payment…

webhook catch payment when invoiceninja receive the payment and not vice versa.


Send us an email and we can look into this further with you directly.

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Sent an email.
We need to get this cleared up asap. There may be other clients that have paid via this method and we are not aware of it…