Totals are not calculating correctly

Hi there,

This is on Develop branch, 5.0.50-25

I’ve set up a client.
I’ve set up two recurring invoices.
Both of them have generated an invoice.
One is for 120 kr. The other is for 240 kr. Total is 360.

Yes, I get incorrect and inconsistent totals showing.
Just viewing the invoice data in invoice overview, for first invoice I see:

Then in the actual PDF invoice the totals show as:

For the second invoice, in the invoice overview I see:

And in the PDF invoice I see:


Both invoices are past due, so I would expect the “Account balance” to show a total of 360 kr (the sum of the two invoices).

As you can see in the images it’s doing something odd.

Any thoughts on this issue?

It has meant I’ve had to migrate my invoicing over to a paid service, as it was no longer tenable to use Invoice Ninja. At least no v5. But I’d still like to help ensure issues are resolved, as I like the project, and will no doubt return to using it once it’s fully operational.


If you have a chance to test with the latest v5 I believe this issue has been resolved.