Tipping, donation by client


I couldn’t find donating settings to receive tips.

Are you planning to add this feature in the near future?



The option is on Settings > Online Payments

Can’t see it in my settings? Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

The post is tagged v5 so I assumed you had upgraded, the feature isn’t available in v4

Sorry I just found your site today so I have no idea what’s v4 or v5. How do I upgrade to v5?

Edit: I can only find a demo

No worries, the docs are here:


I see. So the only way to use the v5 is to set up my own server?
Are you not going to host it as a service?

Once it’s stable we plan to make it available to our hosted users, hopefully by the middle of the year.

That would be amazing. I loved everything I saw in the v4, only the tipping I’m missing so when v5 is out, I’ll be the first to sign up!

Thanks for the quick replies btw

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