"Timetracking" for "Product"-Items


In many cases I “collect” line items over a month as they are used by my clients. At the end of the month I want to invoice them to the client. Just like timetracking but with kind of “Product”-Elements.

Working with time tracking and expenses will not work because of the lack of quantity and unit field (except Hours in time tracking).

My Idea is to create an invoice to collect the line items over a month. But when I save the invoice draft for the first time in the beginning of the month the invoice no is applied to it. When I add more invoices over the month and then finish my “collection-invoice” at the end of the month there are already newer invoices with higher numbers.

Is there a way to get invoice ninja to only create final invoice numbers when an invoice is really finished?

Does anyone have another Idea how to get this done?

Thanks, Timo

Sorry, this isn’t currently supported.