Time-tracking time invalid in 24h-mode

Hello @hillel,

in the latest 5.1.7 release when setting up the time mode to 24h:
Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-22 um 16.21.48

It is possible to enter times like this in clock-mode/touch-mode:

Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-22 um 16.26.40

But in keyboard-mode it is not possible (only for times before 12:00):
Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-22 um 16.26.22

Can you check this behavior?

Do you think, for browser users it is possible to:

  1. remember the users preferred entry mode (clock/keyboard), prevents selecting for each entry.
  2. automaticly switch focus to minutes when entered to vaild hour numbers for ui-efficiency? (hours overflow).


Thanks for reporting this, I’ll try to replicate the problem.

Note: in case you didn’t notice you can enter times using the keyboard directly in the field without using the popup.

Hey @hillel, I am ashamed: I overlooked the direct keyboard option! Thank you for the note on that.
Do you think it is considerable to have the lines prefilled with current values?

Sorry, I don’t understand. You can click the start/stop button to use the current date/time.

Hello @hillel, I tried different approaches and found pulling the date/time values via start/stop not convenient in browsers – as they are convenient on tablets.

Let’s imaginge: I would type “5,5” in Duration-field and all other values are pulled like they were pulled/filled like from start/stop-button automaticly.

I’m sorry, I still don’t understand. It may help if you provide a step-by-step breakdown.

If you type in 5,5 what would you expect the start/end times to be? If you first enter the start time you can then enter the duration and it will default to today.

hello @hillel, I am so sorry to be as precise as i whish to be – I am not too skilled in English. I made a screenshot:

Enter 5,5h to Duration should result in …

… automaticly updatet date/start/end values (skipping the start-stop-button method)

Is basically the same sheme that works fine with start or or endtime being entered in first place.

Thanks for the screenshots and suggestion!

It’s definitely worth considering… would you expect the start date to be set to now (and add the duration) or the end date (and subtract the duration)?

Hello @hillel, I usually log after finishing a task – so I would expect set end-date to now. But I know there are other sorts of time-tracker behaviors. Usually I am not ready to timetrack, when a client rings.

Thank for the feedback, we’ll look into it…