Time Tracking Extension for Google Chrome

The next version is in review with google.

We cannot wait for you guys to try it out, short demo here. Lots of bug fixes, but also the big items is the deep integration with Gmail.


Here it is, on the Chrome Web Store


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This will be immensely helpful

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That seems interesting, thanks.

I am a constant user of the tasks page which is very important to me. This is a good start but the clocked time restarts every time I look at the extension. The Invoice Ninja app is clunky on android when I’m on a job and only need to track my time. There used to be a time tracker app on v4 I think.

Also would be helpful if I could edit the contents of the task.

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Hi guys,

here is the latest version of the extension - currently in review - we hope you enjoy using it!!

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Can this be installed in the desktop app? Running KDE Neon as my desktop using the InvoiceNinja official desktop app. Thanks!

I’m not sure I understand your question, you should be able to run the two side by side.

No I don’t think you can, as this is an extension for the Chrome web browser that displays the Invoice Ninja tasks and allows you to create/edit them while controling their chronometer. On your desktop app, the time tracking is done with the tasks item.