Time Tracker App URL for v5 ? Self hosted installation on shared hosting and subdomain

Has anyone successfully set up the desktop time tracker app for a self-hosted instance of Invoice Ninja v5? Invoice Ninja is installed on a shared hosting account (BlueHost) on a subdomain. According to all the documentation I could find on the subject (which is entirely for v4), the url should be https://payments.website.com/time_tracker, but that always returns a 404 Not Found error. Same error for https://payments.website.com/public/time_tracker. I feel like I’m missing something here. Does anyone have any advice?


v4 and v5 are different in this regard. In v4 there was a dedicated desktop time tracker app, in v5 the entire app is available as a desktop app.

macOS and Linux are currently available, Windows should be available in a few months. The links are available here: https://www.invoiceninja.org/

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Thank you so much! That’s exactly the piece I was missing.