Time recording per day


I have a number of tasks for a few different clients running each day for multiple days and weeks. I just want to know how many hours I have recorded (worked) each day/ week/ month regardless of the task or client. Is there any way of doing this through the report function?


You can use the task report and group by the date

Hi Hillel, thanks for the quick response.

The problem with this method is it only shows me the task’s I have set up on that day, for example:

Today I have worked on (recorded time against) two tasks, one I set up today, one I set up on the 20/12/17. If I group by date for today’s date only; the time I recorded on the task I set up for today’s task shows, not the task I set up on the 20/12/17. If I extend the date range to include the 20/12/17 it shows all time ever recorded on that task, not just the work I did today.

I try to work 6 hours a day, 30 hours a week. I just want to check that each day I have recorded 6 hours of work against any task that was set up at any stage. Is there a way of doing this?

Thank you.

Thanks, I understand now. It isn’t currently supported.

Ok, well thanks for getting back so promptly. Is there a place that users can request new functions such as this? At the moment I am having to keep a separate spreadsheet with my total hours each day which rather defeats the point of having an automated system.

You can create an issue on our GitHub repo:


hi, i need this feature too