TicketBAI Support for Basque Country and in one year, for SPAIN


My name is Daniel, from Metainnova Solutions. We have the software “invoiceninja” installed on premise, and, as a IT consultant, we have a lot of clients with this solutions recommended and used as SaaS or installed locally with white label.

In Spain, in Basque Country, in beginning of january 2020, the application of Ticket Bai is going to be obligatory. https://web.bizkaia.eus/es/web/area-de-prensa/noticias/-/news/detailView/19269?_News_redirect=%2Fes%2Fel-diputado-general

All business, PYME or freelances, we are going to have our software adapted to use ticketbai for signing digitally the invoices, send the automatically to the goberment, and have a QR incorpored in each invoice.

We need to know if InvoiceNinja have any plans to adapt the software to support this integration. In case the software have no plans to be adapted, no business in Basque Country and one year later, in SPAIN, could use the software, because this system (TicketBAI) is going to be obligatory to everybody.

Anyone with any news about it?

Thanks a lot.

Sorry, we don’t have immediate plans to support this.

We’d gladly accept a pull request…


Thanks a lot for your answer. We aren’t developers, so we are not unable to programme that.

But we encourage to spain developers to do it.

Thanks a lot.