There was a problem sending the email

Hi there,

I got the message – There was a problem sending the email – today while sending out an invoice. I am using v2.4.3 (White label, self hosted). I tried sending the invoice using a couple of e-mail addresses which I know to exist. Any ideas on how to fixed this? Thank you in advance.


Bill D-G

It’s not the most helpful error message, we’ll look into improving it in the next release.

Did this work before? Is it possible the invoice/client/user was deleted, do you see the same problem when testing a new invoice.

Can you check storage/logs/laravel.log for any more details, you can search for “Email Error:”.

Hi Hillel,

This is the first time I’ve emailed an invoice.

I checked the log you suggested. It reads:

[2015-10-21 17:46:49] production.ERROR: Email Error: Address in mailbox given [] does not comply with RFC 2822, 3.6.2.


Bill D-G

Can you check that your mail credentials are correct in the .env file

Where might I find that file? Thanks.

It’s in the root folder of the project

There is no .env file in the root folder of the project. By the way, this was installed with Softaculous (and license purchased). How can I add the file?

Some file systems hide files that start with a dot.

I think it’s likely the file is there, if it wasn’t the app probably wouldn’t load at all.

Sorry, for some reason I told cPanel to hide those files. Don’t know why. I’ve changed that.

Looking at the .env file of course made a light bulb go on. The outgoing SMTP information is not set up, however, there is a complication. I’ve redirected the mail for this domain using an MX entry so that it goes to Google Apps. Off hand, do you know if I can still send out emails if I’ve done this?

Assuming I’m understanding your question…

You can use any email credentials to send the outbound emails, they don’t need to be connected to the domain.

That’s what I mean. Thank you for your help!

I used Softaculous to install invoice ninja on bluehost server.
When I try to send invoice or quote using send button nothing happens

Can you check the log file in storage/logs/laravel.log to see if there are any errors?

Also, although this isn’t likely the problem here, please check that your email credentials are set in the .env file in the root folder of the project.