The variable "$view_button" is just showing the html code

The problem is that when I go to templates and reminders and look at the preview its not showing the view button it is just showing the html code. When I then take this html code and paste it to the place where the variable “$view_button” would be its working. Im attaching pictures so you know what Im talking about. My question is if there is a way to fix the variable so I can use it ?


It may help to check that email markdown is disabled on Settings > Account Management.

@david do you have any ideas?

this bug was in 5.5.71, it is fixed in 5.5.74

Thank you, updating fixed the problem :slight_smile: another short question…is it possible that you have changed the notification in the left corner? before you could see that an update was available, the info sign would light up green or blue and you knew immediately that an update was available.


@Dallna The app only checks once a day for an update. We pushed this particular release yesterday so perhaps this could explain why the notification did not show.