"The requested URL /dashboard was not found on this server." And typing error...

I have a problem that’s quite irritating.
When I type https://my.domain.com into the address field I always get this error message:
“The requested URL /dashboard was not found on this server.”

But when I type https://my.domain.com/index.php it always fixes itself, but the URL is always https://my.domain.com/index.php/dashboard or whatever function I try to use, and it all works when I just type the index.php into the url from the beginning. I also have the same system installed on another VPS of mine, but on this one I never have to type the index.php part into the address field, plus that the address always is https://vps.domain.com/dashboard or whatever function I try to use. Note that the index.php isn’t shown in the address on my VPS. The wierd thing is I can’t for the life of me find anything that is different from the my.domain.com to my vps.domain.com machines.
Is there anything that I can try or any information that you can possibly need to try to help me?

Oh right, when I’m in the my.domain.com application so at the top of every page it says:
"texts.index.php/Settings/API Tokens/ "
instead of just “/Settings/API Tokens/” on my vps.domain.com machine.

Also I just found a typing error in the Swedish version of V4.0.1.
The typing error is in the “Advanced Settings” menu, the translation of “System Settings” should be “Systeminställningar”, but is “Systmeinställningar”.
Just wanted to let you know.

Best Regards
Henrik Andersson
Destnet Computer Services

Please check that mod_rewrite is enabled on your server.

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