The Portal and Payments (while Stripe is a gateway)

So, based on a prior suggestion, I’m breaking out my suggestions/issues into new posts as I have more to add.

This was edit +5: This leads me back to the portal.
In my portal, there’s one payment processor - Stripe. With it set for Stripe, the portal confuses clients. I had to look closer to understand better. Upon entering an invoice with the portal link, the customer sees this along the top (with a “Pay Now” button):

Ok, the customer clicks, nothing happens. There’s no message saying “Add a payment method” or any other thing that will get them to payment, just click and nothing. After a little trial and error, I came to understand that with a credit card added, the “Pay Now” does something. My sense is maybe this is geared to some other payment method (maybe Paypal?), but it has to work or lead people somewhere or they’ll click away and not pay.

An update on this - after sending it to a customer (for the first time) as more of a test more than anything - I’d see what he’d choose to do. After viewing the invoice, the portal, his choice was to simply do a bank transfer outside the portal. I’m quite convinced this UI flow as it is will discourage more users from paying if it stays this way.

Hey there, thanks for this suggestion. This is definitely on my to-do list to simplify the whole process.

Of course, when you click on Pay now, something must happen. If not, that’s a bug or not-properly configured gateway.

Please open a GitHub issue if that’s the case.

Thank you!

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Indeed. There is some nuance to this. The flow of how a customer sees things and clicks on this has to be considered. I’ll leave it to someone else to run around creating posts on different forums, this is enough work as it is documenting all this stuff haha.