The Invoice Ninja v5 BETA is now available!

We are extremely excited to share the BETA release of the new Invoice Ninja!

Note: this app must be setup separately from the current app, we’ve built a migration tool to enable transferring your data and settings between the apps. We will continue to support the current version of the app but will be renaming it to Invoice Ninja (Legacy) to try to limit confusion.

Over the next three months we’ll be working to take the app from beta to stable. Your feedback during this phase of the development will have far more impact than feedback received later on. Please try the app and speak up to let us know what you do and do not like.

The best place to provide feedback is on Slack:

Here are some of the added features & improvements in v5:

  • Added group settings
  • Changed PDF design to HTML/CSS
  • Multiple payment gateways now supported
  • Support applying one payment across multiple invoices
  • Increased number of companies from 5 to 10
  • Increased number of custom fields from 2 to 4
  • Increased number of tax rates from 2 to 3
  • Support for unlimited custom invoice designs
  • Support enabling inclusive taxes at the client level
  • Users can now belong to multiple companies
  • Added ability to assign records to users
  • Added option to determine when the invoice number is set
  • Added option to receive notifications for failed payments
  • Added email template for partial payments
  • Added option to track product cost to calculate the markup
  • Added custom field types: text, multiline, dropdown, date or switch
  • Third party service requests/responses are now logged
  • All features are available in the mobile app(s)
  • We plan to release desktop versions of the app later in the year
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I do not see the Task section in the demo beta release, I am assuming it’s being added in the future?


That is correct, for the stable release we plan to add recurring invoices, tasks and expenses.

Looking forward to it. When you select multiple Tasks to create an Invoice, currently it adds the ## and the detailed times. Will there be a way to change this default to show just the Date?

Yes, this is a very common request

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Hi, I run invoice ninja for my small business on my domain. Do you recommend I update to v5 now or wait for a stable release? Also when there is a stable release will I need to install it under a new subdomain and import all the data?


I suggest waiting for.a stable release.

You’ll be able to migrate your data from v4 to v5. You’ll probably want to use a new subdomain to test but can replace it once you’re happy with the upgrade.

Looking great and lovely to see you can now pay more than one invoice at a time.

Couldn’t see a statement option on either the admin side or client portal?

Thanks, great to hear :slight_smile:

Statements aren’t implemented yet but will be added with time…

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I was looking forward to the Ticketing module to be included in this release. Is this going to happen?


We plan to add the ticket module in the future but it won’t be available until we’ve completed porting all of the currently supported v4 features.

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Is there a database migration guide?

We’ve built a migration tool into the latest v4 version, it’s on Settings > Account Management.

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Just experimenting with v5, but cannot find the migration tool in 4.5.19 (self-hosted). Is there a special setting to be taken into accout?
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I’m not sure, it should be on Settings > Account Management

Strange, I only have the following:

  • Plan status
  • Modules
  • PDF Settings
  • Delete Data

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Is your user the account owner? Only the owner will see the migration option.

Good point! That was it. :slight_smile:
Is it safe to start the migration in a sense that it does not trigger any irreversible changes to the production data?

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Great! The migration only affects v5, it’s designed to be run multiple times if needed.

I have used Softaculous through my cPanel to initially install Invoice Ninja. How would I upgrade to V5 as it’s not available on there. I use Zuver for my webhosting and run a WordPress page.