Text formatting/WYSIWYG editing controls disappeared for invoice public notes, terms, etc

Hi there, I’m a new user of this fantastic software so please forgive me if I’m making a dumb mistake.

I am using the hosted version at invoicing.co.

The issue I am having is that the wysiwyg text controls for the public notes, terms, footer, etc. on any invoice I make have disappeared. They used to be there, but now they are not.

At one point I enabled markdown in settings via Account Management → Overview → Enable PDF Markdown to try it out. I didn’t like the way it formatted a block of fenced text (instead being a block of text with newlines, the text ran into one long single line), so I turned it back off. It feels like disabling the markdown setting didn’t actually un-set the config, because the wysiwyg controls have not returned. Yes, I did click “save”.

Thanks for the great software again!


If you aren’t already please try logging in with this link:

Note: in the version you’re using you should see the WYSIWYG controls once you highlight the text.

Hey, thanks. That app. version of the ui has working controls whereas the naked invoicing.co doesn’t. Oops, didn’t realize there was a difference.

What are the differences between these domains/versions of the app?

For the record, I do not see any text controls after highlighting text in the invoicing.co version.

Thanks so much for the help, using the app. version worked around the issue I was seeing in the non-app. version.

The ‘app’ link is for the new web app. The old web app will deprecated in the future but it’s also available as a desktop or mobile app which will remain.

Got it, I’ll be using the app. version from now on :slight_smile: