Testing the mail server


Is there a way to test the mail server settings by calling a URL that sends out a test email and outputs error messages in case it does not work? I am sure the mail settings I am using work, but mails don`t get sent out, so I need to test this.


Have you seen the info here:


cc @david

Yes, I have. I am sure the settings I am using are correct. I am getting a little note that the mail was sent, but that isn’t the case. I have set the log level to debug, but no log entry is being made. To trigger a mail I am resending the verification code of a user’s mail address. In 4 out 5 cases the program responds: 412 password incorrect (I assume this refers to the password I have to enter to change some users’s details t being able to resend the verification code). This is quite time consuming.

It would be good if the result is being written to a file or a screen output for me to see what’s the issue.

You can view the results in the app using the system logs table on the dashboard or client preview pane.

@david may have more thoughts about the error.

Yes the system logs table on the dashboard page will show any errors that are returned from the mail server itself.