Testing new SMTP Email Provider

First off, congrats on the new release of the latest v5.8.37 and the feature SMTP provider within the app is great addon. Well done!

I do have some questions.
If enabling SMTP under the Email Provider → Email Settings, does that overwrite the settings in the .env file? Based on my testing it seems like it does.

Next question, where do I set the from email address? I have the From Name, Reply-To Email etc all setup but for the love me I can’t find where its using my other email address to send emails when enabling the SMTP Email Provider within the app. If I disable the Email Provider and use the “Default” provider it than uses my .env settings and I do have the MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS= set which works but for some reason enabling the SMTP Provider uses my other admin email address which I don’t want.

Thank you,


  1. Yes, we plan to phase out the .env settings.

  2. It’s missing from the Flutter app but should be available in the React app, we’ll work to correct this.

Perfect thank you for pointing that out.