Terms signature approval and display

I have messing with 2 concerns. 1 it would be nice if the scroll box of terms came before the signature itself in the approval process. But secondly we would almost rather not display the terms on the estimate because formatting is not attractive and inconsistant. Its nnot only this software nearly all have this problem when adding terms onto an estimate. However as a contractor the most important part of the being a contractor is the contract. Is it possible to not display the terms on the quote until the scroll box is displayed and then attach the signed terms to the quote after they are signed. We have a lot of terms and it just does not look right on most of the quoting softwares including this one. We used to have a quoting software that displayed the terms once the estimate was ready to be signed and then the customer would click approve then sign the estimate and it would attach the terms to the estimate at that point with the signature and ip address. Is it possible to change the terms format?


Feel free to create an issue on GitHub to request a change in the app.