Templates: Statements / Delivery Notes / Payment receipts + refunds. Feature feedback request

Hi guys,

We have had a lot of requests for the ability to generate custom delivery notes and other documents.

I’ve recently completed some work on this that will allow a full template system so that you can generate documents across the entire application.

I’ve recorded a demo here of how this will work and am looking for feedback on the following:

  1. Ideas for templates you would like to see created.
  2. Ways in which you would use this type of functionality.

I plan to create a range of default templates which can provide a starting base for all the types of templates we can think of, ie. statements / delivery notes / receipts / refund documents.

Let us know your thoughts!

More info on the Twig Template engine here:


How would you like the templates sent? As a pdf or psd, jpeg?


The current design would convert the template into a PDF.

Prior to the PDF conversion the document is in HTML format.

:smile: Yes, I know. You ask if we want to send you ideas or template designs to send them. Which format is best to send you those templates/designs.

Hi There,

PDF works!


Thank you for your feedback!

I agree this system is different to the current implementation. I can explain the reasoning behind this.

It would be very simple for us to extend what we have currently and provide the option to customize the delivery note columns. However this would only be a single solution for a single document. If another request arrives that users want the option to have a “packing slip” or create shipping labels. every individual item would need to be manually created.

This is why we’ve thought of the template system where it does not matter what you want to create you would be able to craft any document you need from the information within the system.

We certainly appreciate critical feedback, if templates are simply too hard, complex, or not needed, we are more than happy to reappraise what is needed here.


It looks like what you need would be achieved with templates!

If you can give me examples of the documents you want, i’ll create them! I am creating a library of the most popular templates so that you can simply use them.

The idea here is not to burden you with more configuration customization. It is to produce a suite of templates that can just be bolted on. And also have the ability to tweak them to suit your needs.

I understand that for a ecommerce site the documents you’ve listed would be all that is needed. However people using the app may want other data collated such as task reports and also other business reports such as profit/loss customer balance reports all formatted in PDF.

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I understand that you do not wish to spend the time doing this.

What I am saying is that I will do that heavy lifting for you and produce the templates, hence the reason for this post. It is an open invitation - for anyone - to request the base templates that will be created for this.

Hi Dave,
The template is very interesting, and we need it. Can I send you the models to your email?


If you can share a screen shot of a sample document and the layout that would be helpful!

if something not clear tell me i explaine

you can add 2 fields :
1 Number of the document
2 payment modes: cheque, cash, online, cc …;


Can you add some context here? Which datasets are you trying to integrate here, and what are you attempting to show?

Customer statement, that shows invoice and payment

would you like to connect via skype or whatsapp or meet I show you my screen and my system?

Ah ok, so a simply client statement with the running balance of payments + invoices over the timeline.

Yes, when running the invoice we can have the ability to choose the dates limite

The Same statement can be added for all clients in one statement to see all invoices and payments for a period selected,
also, you can add a template for the stock statement, Stock IN, Stock Out, and available stock for a selected period

When you will release it?

I had few minutes to do this finally. Here’s 1 (I’ll try to do more next week). I don’t see any email, so I thought it should be posted here, right?

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Dear @david

I would want to change the arragement of the total lines of the invoice pdf.
Can you help me with this?

You can adjust the order on Settings > Invoice Design