Templates build incorrectly render html body

Our clients started reply on the invoice email we send them that email incorrectly rendered.
It now look really ugly.

On other side, any normal browser renders it as it has to be.

template.txt (31.1 KB)

Attached content of data to render.

I am using POST https://invoicing.co/api/v1/emails endpoint API

    email_data = {
        "entity": "invoice",
        "entity_id": invoice_id,
        "template": ninja_template_name,
        "body": body,
        "subject": subject,

where body is what attached in template.txt file string.

Please advise ASAP.


@david any thoughts?

Hi There,

I’ve put a fix in for this, can you advise if this is still an issue for you?

Also just to note, the template renders fine in web clients, however it looks broken when viewing from Outlook 365 client.

Hey @david

Unfortunately, fix doesn’t work.
I spend some time and rewritten the code to render and control sending templates using our internal system to avoid confusing rendering errors in the future.