Taxable vs Non-Taxable Products (Services)

Hello friends. Trying to setup white label V5 and generate our first test invoices.

Here in the USA (California), products are taxable and services are not taxable. Looking for an option to categorize each product either “Taxable” or “Non-Taxable”. When preparing invoices, it should calculate the invoice tax rate on all taxable products and add no tax for the non-taxable products (services). Setting the tax rate on each product is not practical because the tax rate varies depending on the customer’s city and county. How can this be accomplished?


I don’t believe this is currently supported in the app, feel free to create an issue here to request the feature:

Yes I too echo this feature would be great to have. As a consultant we have consulting hours that are taxable and some that are not taxable. In quickbooks when invoicing you are able to specify individual line items as non-table or taxable. Then for non-table consulting hours we can simply flag it and it will not get calculated in the overall tax calculation. With IN it is possible for us but we would need to bring up the “consulting” invoice and change the overall tax to non-taxable for the entire invoice and then add the tax rate into each line item. This works for us but it is rather cumbersome and prone to use error. Just FYI on how we would use it.