TAX Rounding for Switzerland not correct

I use v5.3.49-C73.

In most countries, invoices are issued for services or products, which, for example, are settled precisely in the Eurozone countries. For instance, you would pay €1.09 for 1 liter of milk in a supermarket in Austria. However, things are different in Switzerland.

There, a process called Rappen rounding is used. If you were to buy 1 liter of milk in Switzerland, the amount of 1.09 Swiss Francs would be rounded up to 1.10.

In the Screenshot Example the Tax “MwSt. 7.7%” should be rounded to CHF 40.45 and the Total “Gesamt” should be CHF 566.05

How can i accomplish this?

Kind regards


One option may be to add a custom surcharge called tax and manually set the correct amount.

Feel free to create an issue here to request support for this: