Tax product and total invoice?

Is this like it is intended or is this a bug with taxes?

I had setup some products with taxes but later I discovered that I could enable taxes on Invoice and disable on products in Settings-Taxes.

But it appears that even with these settings the products with tax get double taxed. So this only happens with products were I set the tax at Products.

In my opinion the app should prevent the tax on individual products if Settings-Taxes-Product tax level is disabled. Or I’m I missing something here?


If you’re using product taxes than you probably want to use line item taxes rather than invoice taxes.

Does that help?

I thought you had to use line item taxes in V5, so that’s why I was adding that to some products. But then I saw that you could enable Invoice taxes and thought that I was set if I disabled line item taxes. But it seems I have to remove the taxes from products to workaround at this. That is not a problem, I’ll modify a product when I notice that there is a double tax on invoice.

But I was just wondering what the logic is to disable line items and that it still gets double taxed on invoice? Maybe this should be on the bug list?

Agreed, I’ll look into it.