Task Timezone offset problem


when i track time in Tasks in UTC Timezone and invoice those tasks in UTC+7 the time log in the invoice task shows the time with an offset of +7. This is confusing for customers if they see logged times in the middle of the night.

I tried changing Settings > Localization but see no difference.

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Which app are you using?

Hi, i’m using the macOS AppStore Version 5.0.151 (151) on a self hosted installation v5.8.12. The tasks where captured in UTC time and the bill statemensts should also use this time.

When i am in UTC+7 (OS Time also +7) the invoiced tasks show a time offset of +7.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “The tasks where captured in UTC time”, the app defaults to using the local timezone to track task times.

Yes, “the app defaults to using the local timezone”. But if i work for Customer A (e.g. 2pm till 6pm) in UTC timezone, then travel to UTC+7 and write an invoice from there customer A sees a time offset of +7 on his invoice. On his Invoice the task shows 7pm to 1am.

Looks like the the tasks are read/copied to macOS timezone, instead they should keep the timezone they are recorded in.

A solution would be to set the macOS timezone to UTC when invoicing…

Are you updating your laptop’s timezone when you change locations?

Yes, that might be the problem.

I’ll try a browser addon to manipulate the timezone to UTC (and stop using the macOS App-Store APP), but it would be great to have an option in the app to set/keep the local timezone.