Task Duration rolling over after 24 hours


In the Invoice Ninja version of the application (I can’t find the version number in the latter – it used to be in the About icon in the lower-left-hand corner), the Duration in the table under Tasks appears to reset at 00:00:00 once the total duration hits a multiple of 24 hours. The Duration appears to be correct in the Invoice Ninja version.


Thanks for the feedback! We’ll look into it.

cc @david @ben


If you enable showing the end date, this should resolve the issue for you.

In Settings > Task settings

Enable show end date.

Turning on the “Show Task End Date” option had no effect – still only shows the remainder after dividing by 24 hours.


My apologies, i didn’t understand where you meant, I can see this, We’ll get a fix in now.


I see that you implemented a “fix,” but it is even more problematic than the original issue. Now, it just lists the number of days once it passes 24 hours, and it seems like it’s doing some sort of rounding so that it’s not even accurate half the time.

Just saying a number of days is essentially useless for someone trying to calculate the exact amount of time involved. As I mentioned in Task report not aggregating properly, the new changes have already made this very, very basic task of calculating time significantly more difficult. Again, please just implement it the way it was in the old version, where it showed the correct number of hours.