Syncing Bank Transactions

I am trying to figure out how to sync my bank account transactions into IN.

I have started by going to
settings > Bank Account > Connect

This comes up

Missing Credentials

Invalid or missing credentials for Gocardless Bank Account Data. Contact support for help, if this issue persists.

I am not sure where to put my Gocardless credentials as there is no place to put them in either page.

The Learn More… Button just brings me to

I found their Quick Start guide for developers, but I am lost by that

Any guides that would help me link my bank transactions in here similar to QBO etc so I can categorize expenses?

Thank you!


@david can you please advise?

You’ll want to update your .env variables with the following:


You can see all the .env variables here:

@hillel Thank you for the quick responses

I created a Secret ID and Key through GoCardless and put them in the .env file.
This allowed me to use the Connect button which took me to a page to search for a bank, but the choices look to be European based.
I am trying to sync to a Credit Union in the United States. Is there a way to do this or am I pretty limited here?

If I am not able to do this, I have a question for an alternative approach.
My bank provides PDF statements only, is there a recommended way to convert them to CSV files for easy input?

Thank you very much!

The hosted version of the app also provides Yodlee as an option supports many US banks.

Sorry, I don’t have a tool to recommend to convert a PDF to CSV.

For banking in the USA, you probably need to switch to IN Enterprise Hosted which supports Yodlee banking integration… However I found my tiny credit union was not on Yodlee, my bank is on Plaid who I have requested as a feature addon. Yodlee is cost prohibitive for single users on self hosted, but maybe Plaid will get considered as a viable alternative. I believe a couple larger US banks like Chase and Wells Fargo are supported by Gocardless/Nordigen, but those might be limited to EU locations, but those guys are not good for growing a small business.

Here is a recent list of Gocardless banks:

Plaid integration feature request:

I found out how to download CSVs from my bank which helped the process significantly.
And my bank also uses Plaid, so that would be a great feature!
Very hopeful for that in the future.

Thank you guys!