Switch from Invoiceninja5 Yunohost to new server

Hello I am currently trying to switch from an installation via Yunohost to another server without Yunohost. Is the whole thing installed directly on the server, also no Docker environment. Now I have the problem that on one instance a zip file was created as export. On the new installation it is the CSV files.

Unfortunately, I can’t remember what I changed back then. Can you perhaps help me with this?

This is the export function from the old one. :thinking:


If you’re moving between two selfhosted installs we recommend using mysqldump to transfer the database. You’ll also need to copy over the .env file.

The docker file is available here: GitHub - invoiceninja/dockerfiles: Docker files for Invoice Ninja

Do you know what kind of theme or template this could be?

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean

It looks complete different the new installed one.

There are two web apps, there’s a button at the top of the dashboard to switch between them.

The React app will be the main web app in the future. the Flutter app will be the main desktop app.

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