SwissQR Additional Information / Import Transactions


After a few tests I decided to come back with a question I asked a while ago… The provided solution for the SwissQR Additional Information field is in more than one case not ideal. What is the problem?

  1. InvoiceNinja provides two options. I can fill some text in the Public Notes field or InvoiceNinja fills the standard text in the format “Rechnung# 123-456789”

In my case, I use the Public Notes for the Work Report with detailed Informations. I tried to use one of the custom fields, but this is very limited and - if I am right - not Markdown-Compatible like the Public Notes. Assume that I leave Public Notes field blank, the generated Text make it impossible to import a .CSV Transaction File, because I don‘t have this text anywhere in the database.

  1. InvoiceNinja does not provide a possibility to deactivate the Additional Information at all

If I look at that in a customers point of view: I scan the invoice into my eBanking. All fields are filled correctly, but I can override for example the Additional Information field. In the Transaction File I have now the problem, that I cannot match the fields, as this content not exist.

So, what is a possible solution?

  1. a dedicated Field for the Additional Information field would be great. If this field - like others - supports the using of $keys, it gets perfect…

  2. if one don’t fill up this dedicated field, InvoiceNinja should use only the Invoice Number without any text around it (123-456789).

  3. In addition it would be cool, if there is an option to disable the Additional Information field at all

What do you think? Does my points make sense?

Thx for checking my question and I hope to see a solution for that on the horizon… If I overview something or you have an idea, how to solve it, just let me know…

Many greetings


@david any thoughts?

I’m not sure why the custom field won’t work for you here? This data is held in the database so you can certainly export this when needed. There is also Footer / Terms sections which can be used for the additional data.

I’m not sure we can change the way we are configuring the Swiss QR codes as it has been in production for quite a while, and it would be a breaking change to modify this.