Swiss QR fine tuning

Just a heads up, If you wanna use the IBAN without a reference code, you can’t use a BESR ID!

This article was the best summary of all the different QR Codes possibilities I could find:

With the latest update from @david, it is now ok to leave the BESR ID blank under company details.
Maybe we could update the doc on this.

At the moment, you can’t generate a QR Code, if you don’t have the customers full address. I don’t exactly why this is necessary. You can create Swiss QR codes without providing any details about the customer.

I personally don’t care which bank pays me, as long as I get payed :slight_smile:

These are the only fields that are necessary for a Swiss QR:

name or company

That is it. There is no need for any other mandatory field.

You can test this yourself with this online QR code generator:

Features that would be great if they could be added:
A: Use name instead of company
B: Insert the invoice number into the additional information data. That way I could use a QR IBAN without reference but insert the text “invoice nr 123”.

If you look at this link under section 2, there is some gray part “Rechnung-NR 123”

That would be were this data would go.

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Thanks for the feedback!

cc @david


Thanks, we inject the public_notes into the additional information section so you could use this.

In regards to the address information, it may be a limitation of the package we are using to generate the Swiss QR Codes. We push all the information into the package, however if it requires certain fields, it will just return an error and not generate the QR code block.

If it is fine by you guys, I would create feature requests on gh about these things. Would you agree to that?


Sounds good!