Swiss QR Bill Questions

Hi i was looking for a payment tool like invoice ninja, but my customers would expect me to deliver official bills accepted by the bank.

I tried the demo but was not able to evaluate one question, pls help me understand its possibilities.

Here is a link to a freeware that makes such approved bills,

  1. One way is to use the api from that project, i spoke to the guy andreas he seems to do the project on his own.

I did make some python script to run selenium where i am able to use that api from if its of any use i could make it available.

  1. I can provide you with the official documentation, from six payment about layout, datastructure and its validity checks needed.

Thanks joel

And here is the layout documentation


Please create an issue on GitHuib to request any changes to the app.

Ok, thanks for pointing out, here is the link to that.

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I would be a very happy user with this QR Bill integration. At the moment I’m getting mad for every of my invoices with the following workaround.
Download invoice in PDF> Open Banking app to create a QR Bil PDF > Open a image editing software to merge both PDF documents in one sigle page > Send to client > Store document.

This integration would simplify a lot my workload.

Thanks in advance