Swap currency symbol position


I would change the € currency position to the right of the prices.

In the settings the options are to put the € symbol on the left, or to put the ISO code on the right

option 1 - Symbole: €1.000,00
option 2 - Code: 1.000,00 EUR

What I need is 1.000,00 €

Is there a way to achieve this ?
to swap the currency € symbol position

PS : wether the client’s country is set up or not, doesn’t affect the symbol position.

You could try changing the value for swap_currency_symbol on currencies and/or countries and then clearing the cache by adding ?clear_cache=true to the URL.

Sounds good.

Where could I change it ?

I’ve look in the settings/customize_design but I didn’t see anything relevant…

Are you self hosting, you’d need to access to the database to make the change.

I’m not self-hosting…

Sorry, it won’t be possible then

too bad …

how did we come to use the English-style currency position for Euro, a quasi-(non-)European country that doesn’t even use the Euro currency ? :smiley:

In practice, no European would place the € symbol before the amount. That makes absolutely no sense (one say “one hundred euros” and not “euros one hundred”, awkward negative amount…).
And no one wants to use the EUR iso code that takes too much place (eg in the invoices columns).

Any place where I can make a suggestion ?


Feel free to create an issue on GitHub


I have the exact same issue.
I’m selfhosting invoiceninja on a Ubuntu Server 18.04.
As Hillel suggested I tried changing swap_currency_symbol on currencies (Euro) and countries (DE) but had no success after refresh with ?clear_cache=true . I tried multiple combinations of swap_currency_symbol=true/false in countries and currencies, but non of them seemed to have any effect.

Does anyone has a suggestion how to solve that differently. Or do I have to run a different refresh, not only for the cache (database related for example).

Thanks for any help in advance.