Support Required

HI there, we have a legacy self hosting version of InvoiceNInja that has stopped working, the data is still there and as far as we know nothing has changed, it’s running on PHP 7.00. I have reset the email and the database password but nothing seems to work to get it right, we are totally clueless on how to install V4 and migrate the old data to the new V4, is there anybody here that offers support that can load the new app for us and migrate the data from the old database to the new one, and what would you charge to resolve this issue for us please?

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Is there literally no support available for Invoice Ninja? Where do people go for help if they are not developers and programming specialists like you guys? Theoretically, that should be most of the client base for a program like this?


Just to be clear, we’ve been providing support via email however they are looking for someone to login to their servers and setup the app for them (something we aren’t able to do).

We recommend non-technical people to use the hosted platform as it eliminates all of these problems. If you prefer to selfhost than Docker is a good choice as it should simply setup/installs.

Thank you Hillel I understand. Is anybody here prepared to assist us with the upgrade and merge please, we will pay for your time