Support Issue / PDF Generation

Anyone else having issues with PDF generation? Trying this forum as the Invoice Ninja support desk has been impossible to get a reply from. Trying to reach out for a month now but no response from Is there another email? Thanks!


Sorry you haven’t heard back, maybe the email was in spam.

Which PDF generator are you using?

Invoice Ninja PDF.

Note: the cPanel installer is out of date by a few versions. We’ve been monitoring this but it hasn’t changed.

Does it always fails or just sometimes?

Are there any errors in storage/logs?

Nothing in the logs. It does work on mobile iOS. On Mac, the PDF error shows:

403: Forbidden

Invalid token

Also, is there a way to fix the spam issue so future requests are answered? Thank you.

Have you tried logging out and then back in?

If you want to send an email now with my name (Hillel) in the subject I can look out for it.

Logging out and back in did not work. The same error persists:

403: Forbidden

Invalid token

Which version do you see in the about dialog?

v5.8.24 (the latest available in cPanel). I also tried clearing the cache with no luck.

Please share the full app version from the about dialog, ie. v5.8.23-C154

Version: v5.8.24-l154

You wrote above that it works on iOS, which version do you see the app failing?

Desktop on a Mac. Any PDF preview fails (invoice, quote, email, etc.).

Which version of the macOS app are you using?

Please share the full app version from the about dialog.

Version: v5.8.24-M121

Thanks, it should help to update the macOS app.

There is no update for the OS version. Please implement a fix so the app is functional as it was before. Thank you.

The latest version in the macOS app store is 5.0.156, you’re using 5.0.121.

Is there a way to fix this on OS that can’t be upgraded to current - preventing the current app version?

I have another issue - reoccurring invoices are sending a day early from their scheduled date.

I have also sent an email with your name in the subject so that we can use the ticket system for issues. Thank you.

Sorry, we aren’t able to backport macOS fixes.

I suggest checking the timezone is correct on Settings > Localization. It may also help to change the send time on Settings > Email Settings to a later time.